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With consultancy, training, material design and project development, human-ed caters for all those in education that are looking to take the next step towards a more inclusive, interculturally aware and democratic society. At the core of all services lies the conviction that all that connects us, humans, is stronger than what divides us. Agree? Disagree? Let's connect.



Intercultural Education - Training. Consultancy. Content.


From Plan to Reality

Would you like to offer a more inclusive educational program at your organisation but are not sure where to start? Are you wondering how to implement internationalisation at your school? Do you need help with your bilingual program? Let's discuss where you want to be so we can explore how to get you there.


Know Yourself to Understand Others

Would you like (your team/your students) to become more interculturally competent? And are you ready to step outside your comfort zone? Through hands-on and interactive training sessions participants reflect on held beliefs and current practices, and develop an understanding of intercultural competence through cooperative learning activities. Each learning experience is unique. Let's explore yours.


Meaningful. Fun. Learning.

Are you looking for innovative educational materials for your program/product? Would you like the materials to (also) foster intercultural competence / global citizenship? Are you looking for that spark in students' eyes? So am I. Let's connect to see how I can help.


Skills that Matter

Do you have a project idea about connecting people, but could use some educational expertise? Are you looking for classroom-tested methodology that fosters cooperation, open-mindedness and empathy? Let's dream up something together!

Interested in one of my services? Or do you have a different query? Get in touch.



I have founded human-ed in order to look into societal tensions, and create solutions in education. As an immigrant in the Netherlands, who uses four languages on a daily basis, diversity is my reality. But where some see cross-cultural challenges, I see intercultural opportunities. 

I enjoy taking on challenges. I've had the opportunity to conceptualize and set up the primary section of DENISE, a highly popular innovative bilingual school. I've also published the book From Class to Community: a collection of cooperative activities. Latest projects include the Language Friendly School, an initiative to promote the use of home languages in schools, and to create culturally and linguistically aware communities.

Today I use my experience in training, curriculum design and teaching to support organizations in becoming more inclusive, and in offering innovative, interculturally aware educational programs.


Working with Mari was pure joy. Her expertise and competence in education are top level.

Inger Schaap, Historian – Educator at Joods Cultureel Kwartier





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