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Education that challenges

With consultancy, training, higher education and content creation, Human-ed caters for all those out there who are ready to commit to Social Justice Education. Human-ed challenges organizations, educators and students to step outside their comfort zone, critically reflect on their ways of thinking and acting, and work towards inclusive and equitable practice. Get in touch to see how I can help you in transforming your practice and contributing to an equitable society.

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Social Justice Education - bridging schools and communities; theory and practice



From Plan to Reality

Are you wondering how to tackle inequity at your school/university? Would you like to make a shift towards culturally responsive teaching but are not sure where to start? Do you need some advice around your multilingual school community? Let's discuss where you want to be so we can explore how to get you there.


Human-ed Academy

Would you like to bring about real transformation in your school? Are you looking for something more than an inspirational speaker or a one-off workshop? Human-ed Academy supports schools and higher education institutions in embarking on transformation towards social justice through setting up Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). In the course of one year, PLCs meet around four times to engage in in-depth learning, shared reflection and co-constructed practice, resulting in sustainable growth as a learning community.



Serious Fun

Are you looking for stimulating and high-quality educational materials for your program? Would you like the materials to foster critical thinking, intercultural competence, global citizenship and agency in your students? Are you looking for that spark in students' eyes? All of Human-ed's educational content builds on the scientific frameworks of Multicultural Education, Social Justice Education and Intercultural Competence, translating firm theory into dynamic practice. Ready for some serious fun? Let's connect to see how I can help.


Expanding Horizons

Are you looking for thought-provoking in-depth sessions that expand your students' horizons? Do you agree that critical thinking and open-mindedness are key elements in higher education?

Human-ed's creative and carefully crafted sessions in the fields of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Intercultural Competence never fail to tickle students' curiosity and foster their agency as actors for social justice.



Walk the Walk

Do you have a project idea about promoting multicultural/social justice education, and could use some more expertise or extra hands? Are you looking to build bridges between primary and secondary education, communities and schools, pre- and in-service teaching or musea and schools? With years of working experience in all of these sectors, Human-ed is here to join in on the action. Let's walk the walk together!

Interested in one of my services? Or do you have a different query? Get in touch.

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I have founded Human-ed in order to look into societal tensions, and create solutions in education. As an immigrant in the Netherlands, who uses four languages on a daily basis, diversity is my reality. But where some see cross-cultural challenges, I see intercultural opportunities. 

I enjoy taking on challenges and bringing about change. I've had the opportunity to conceptualize and set up the primary section of DENISE, a superdiverse innovative school in Amsterdam. During my years at DENISE, I initiated a focus on multilingualism at the school, making it one of the first Language Friendly Schools in the world. I also helped create a close international community and introduced methodologies that fit our diverse population, which is how I ended up publishing the book From Class to Community: a collection of cooperative activities, and my Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Portfolio.

Today I use my experience and expertise to give lectures at multiple universities in the fields of Intercultural Competence and Culturally Responsive Teaching, help schools and higher education institutions embed these concepts in their program, and create educational content with a focus on global citizenship and social justice. As another focus point, I create educational programs around the topics of the Holocaust, Genocide and human rights.

Through my work I aim to challenge  systems, norms and mainstream narratives, and offer more inclusive and equitable alternatives.

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Working with Mari was pure joy. Her expertise and competence in education are top level.

Inger Schaap, Historian – Educator at Joods Cultureel Kwartier

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